October 25, 2017


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August 14, 2017


Audiographic Records presents the next series of albums on its Systems vs. Artifacts, digital download imprint- three albums by the new improvisation unit, DEK. ThE trio’s first recording, “Burning Below Zero,” was released by Trost in January of 2017; it received 4 stars from The Free Jazz Collective and was called “a striking debut” by Wire magazine. Now Elisabeth Harnik (piano), Didi Kern (drums), and Ken Vandermark (reeds) present the following series of documents: “CONSTRUCT 1: The Stone,” “CONSTRUCT 2: Artacts,” and “CONSTRUCT 3: Divadlo 29.”

CONSTRUCT 1 was recorded in concert during Ken’s Stone residency in New York City during January of 2016. CONSTRUCT 2 and 3 were recorded during DEK’s March 2017 tour in Europe, at the Artacts Festival in St. Johann, Austria, and at the Divadlo 29 performance space in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Each of these albums reveal different aspects of the bands’s distinctive musical universe, one that cross pollinates Elisabeth’s work as an internationally acclaimed new music composer, Didi’s profile on the European underground rock scene, and Ken’s two decades of activity around the globe, touring, recording and collaborating with dozens of world renowned musicians, artists as diverse as Getachew Mekuria and John Tilbury. The combination of their varied backgrounds and open musical curiosity has developed an extraordinary group aesthetic- inclusive, expressive, and instantaneous. In his DEK review for Wire, Stewart Smith also stated, “I can’t wait to see where they go next.” With the release of these three new documents, Audiographic Records and Systems vs. Artifacts proudly present the future direction for DEK’s music.

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Construct 1: Stone

DEK Trio Audiographic

Construct 2 : Artacts

DEK Trio Audiographic

Construct 3 : Divadlo 29

DEK Trio Audiographic

All Audiographic Records are designed by Fede Peñalva

February 22, 2017


SHELTER features new material created by key members of four major centers for contemporary improvised music: Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, and New York. Over nine compositions and during the course of an hour, Jasper Stadhouders (electric bass & guitar), Steve Heather (drums, noise box & macumbista benjolin), Ken Vandermark (reeds), and Nate Wooley (trumpet) present their unique perspectives toward what freedom currently means in sound. The pieces included are incredibly diverse. Genres such as jazz, funk, and rock are investigated, then inverted and reassembled to reveal new compositional strategies and new improvisational methods. Available now, in anticipation of their European tour during March:

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  • 1. F -1 [8:21]
  • 2. Accidentals Don’t Carry [6:42]
  • 3. Burnt Njal [8:48]
  • 4. J -1 [7:12]
  • 5. Of Use [3:30]
  • 6. Bartleby [8:09]
  • 7. Drinks & Logistics [7:36]
  • 8. B -1 [6:24]
  • 9. Pan [6:01]

5 and 9 composed by Steve Heather (APRA)

2 and 7 composed by Jasper Stadhouders (BUMA/STEMRA)

1, 4, and 8 composed by Ken Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music/ASCAP-Cien Fuegos)

3 and 6 composed by Nate Wooley (fourwordseamusic/BMI)

Recorded on May 13th, 2016 by Marco Birkner at studio h2, Berlin.
Mixed by Steve Heather.
Mastered by Dave Zuchowski at One Room Studio.

Produced by Ken Vandermark for Audiographic Records.

VEIL by Steve Heather

Design by Federico Peñalva

December 20, 2016


One box, six CDs, seventeen musicians, thirty four pages of liner notes and photos.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some extraordinary people- my thanks to John Zorn for the Stone residency invitation, all the musicians who participated, Kevin Reilly for his assistance before and during the concerts, Jeremiah Cymerman and Randy Thaler for recording, Dave Zuchowski for mixing and mastering the music, Fede Peñalva for the artwork and design, Peter Gannushkin for the photographs, Chuck Bettis for the aid with Stone calendar, Robert Bielecki for the advertising support, Miklos Gosztonyi for the proof-reading, all the listeners at those January 2016 shows in New York City, and especially to:

  • Chris Corsano: drums
  • Sylvie Courvoisier: piano
  • Christof Kurzmann: ppooll/electronics
  • Okkyung Lee: cello
  • Mat Maneri: viola
  • Joe McPhee: tenor saxophone
  • Ikue Mori: electronics
  • Joe Morris: guitar
  • Paal Nilssen-Love: drums
  • William Parker: bass
  • Tom Rainey: drums
  • Marina Rosenfeld: turntable/electronics
  • Ned Rothenberg: saxophones
  • Steve Swell: trombone
  • Håvard Wiik: piano
  • Nate Wooley: trumpet

“MOMENTUM 1: STONE” is currently available for only $48 during Catalytic Sound’s annual sale, which runs until January 8th:

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December 8, 2016


Catalytic Sound, a long standing independent music cooperative, expands its platform to include the music and labels of Ab Baars and Ig Henneman (WIG), Terrie Hessels (Terp), Andy Moor (Unsounds, with Yannis Kyriakides/Isabelle Vigier), Joe Morris (Glacial Erratic and Riti), and Nate Wooley (Pleasure of the Text and Sound American). Catalytic will continue to represent the music and labels of Paal Nilssen-Love (PNL Records) and Ken Vandermark (Audiographic Records), as well as the discographies of Peter Brötzmann, Mats Gustafsson, and Joe McPhee.

All this coincides with further excitement at Audiographic Records: “Momentum 1: Stone,” a 6 CD box set featuring Chris Corsano, Sylvie Courvoisier, Christof Kurzmann, Ingrid Laubrock, Okkyung Lee, Mat Maneri, Joe McPhee, Ikue Mori, Joe Morris, Paal Nilssen-Love, William Parker, Tom Rainey, Marina Rosenfeld, Ned Rothenberg, Steve Swell, Ken Vandermark, Håvard Wiik, and Nate Wooley, performing in first encounter trios and quartets. Combined with the most recent digital-download albums on its Systems vs. Artifacts imprint [Vandermark in duos with Terrie Hessels (Splinters), Lasse Marhaug (Close Up), and C. Spencer Yeh (Schlager)], Audiographic continues to document some of the finest improvised music happening today. Included in the Catalytic Sound annual sale which starts on December 8th and provides music fans a 20% discount on every item at the co-op, there’s never been a better time to explore new music than the present.

November 19, 2016


During January of 2016, Ken Vandermark was invited to a residency at the Stone in New York by John Zorn. Entitled, “New York/United States/Europe,” Vandermark focused on Mr. Zorn’s request to make the residency as accurate a portrait of his current work as possible, and to include new collaborations in the concerts that were presented. This resulted in 12 different sets of music over 6 days, with Vandermark’s working groups, Made To Break, DEK, Side A, and ongoing duos with Paal Nilssen-Love and Nate Wooley as essential parts of the program. Also included were 6 concerts of first time configurations featuring Vandermark improvising with some of the best musicians working in contemporary music:

  • Quartet with Sylvie Courvoisier, Chris Corsano, and Ingrid Laubrock
  • Trio with Mat Maneri and Joe McPhee
  • Quartet with Tom Rainey, Ned Rothenberg, and Håvard Wiik
  • Quartet with Ikue Mori, Joe Morris, Nate Wooley
  • Quartet with Christof Kurzmann, Okkyung Lee, and Marina Rosenfeld
  • Quartet with Paal Nilssen-Love, William Parker, and Steve Swell

Thankfully, these sets were recorded by Jeremiah Cymerman and Randy Thaler, and documented by the photography of Peter Gannushkin. All of these materials will be presented in a new, limited edition, 6 CD boxset on Audiographic Records, called “Momentum 1: Stone,” truly a landmark in improvised sound. Advance orders for this December release are being taken now, at the discounted, Catalytic Sounds holiday-sale price of only $48.

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