Consequent Duos: series 2e

Ken Vandermark & Christof Kurzmann


Consequent Duos: series 2e

Ken Vandermark & Christof Kurzmann

Audiographic Records presents volume five of “Consequent Duos: series 2” on its Systems vs. Artifacts digital album imprint- an incredible recording from Christof Kurzmann and Ken Vandermark from their performance at the Hideout in Chicago, from April 30, 2014.

The collaboration between these two musicians goes back nearly a decade, in ensembles like El Infierno Musical (a tribute to Alejandra Pizarnik), Made To Break, and most recently Entr’acte. Despite the years of work, many recordings together, and a number of concerts in Argentina, Brazil, and Europe as a duo, they have only released one document of this material, which was part of the box set released by Not Two in 2014, “Nine Ways To Read A Bridge.”

“Consequent Duos: series 2e//Christof Kurzmann & Ken Vandermark” (AGR/SvA-017) indicates a stunning musical interplay that’s been developed through years of concerts together. Though this sonic dialog is informed by their mutual performance history, there is no attempt to replicate their collaborative work in other bands. Often the music documented here doesn’t even sound as though it’s been created by a duo. Frequently it has the impact of a wide ranging series of concertos- with Vandermark’s contributions falling literally in the center of Kurzmann’s improvised and layered “orchestrations.”

“Consequent Duos: Series 2” follows the critically acclaimed Momentum 4: Consequent Duos boxset (5 stars from the Free Jazz Blog, and now nearly sold out). This new collection of digital albums presents Ken Vandermark in duo combinations with more of the most exciting, cutting-edge improvisers playing today.

All material on the Systems vs. Artifacts imprint is available through digital download, along with the option to self-print artwork and packaging designed by Fede Peñalva. This brand new SvA recording, “Consequent Duos: series 2e//Christof Kurzmann & Ken Vandermark,” can be purchased here, and a final album in this series will be released in two weeks. 


  1. ppooll/Bb clarinet 13:13
  2. ppooll/tenor 1 06:29
  3. ppooll/bass clarinet 09:46
  4. ppooll/tenor 2 09:58


Christof Kurzmann: laptop/electronics/ppooll
Produced by Ken Vandermark for Audiographic Records
Ken Vandermark: reeds

All music by Christof Kurzmann [AKM] & Ken Vandermark [Twenty First Mobile Music publishing/ASCAP-CIEN FUEGOS]

Recorded live in concert by Dave Zuchowski at the Hideout, Chicago, on April 30, 2014. Mixed and mastered by Dave Zuchowski, One Room Studio.

Thanks to Christof Kurzmann; Sam Clapp and Fede Peñalva for their assistance at Audiographic Records; to Katie and Tim Tuten and the staff at the Hideout; and to the listeners.

Special thanks to Dave Zuchowski and Wendy.

Design by Fede Peñalva

Photo by Ken Vandermark

C & P retained by the artists / 2020