AGR: Audiographic Special Edition 001

Roadwork 1 / Roadwork 2 / Homework 1 — 3CD Box Set

"...the development of Marker – the band. Where Wired for Sound felt fresh, youthful and surprising in so many aspects, this triple live album is a spectacular snapshot of how this group has progressed together – and is progressing together."
Gustav Lindqvist, Free Jazz Blog

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Disc 1: ROADWORK New Orleans:

1. Accordéon - 15:47

2. French Dress - 20:51

Disc 2: ROADWORK Atlanta:

1. Shunpike - 15:50

2. Deguchi - 21.04

3. Salida - 19:39

4. Detour - 15:58

Disc 3: HOMEWORK Chicago:

1. B Movie - 23:16

2. Series B - 13.47

3. Película B - 14:24

4. B Eiga - 19:45

Compositions by Ken Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music/ASCAP-Cien Fuegos)

Music performed and improvised by

Andrew Clinkman: Guitar (left) 
Steve Marquette: Guitar (right) 
Macie Stewart: Keyboard & violin 
Phil Sudderberg: Drums 
Ken Vandermark: Reeds 

Recorded during their January/February 2018 tour at The Mint/New Orleans, The Earl/Atlanta, and The Hungry Brain Chicago, this limited edition box set of new Marker material gives listeners the opportunity to hear how the band has progressed since "Wired for Sound." With an original cover and packaging concept by Federico Peñalva, this run of 140 boxes also comes with exclusive inserts featuring photography by Ken Vandermark. In addition to the box set, the album will be made available digitally through the Audiographic Systems vs. Artifacts digital imprint.

ROADWORK New Orleans (for Ed Blackwell, Irma Thomas, and Allen Toussaint)

Recorded by Danny Kadar and Joe Stolarick at The Mint during The Instigation Festival, New Orleans on January 25, 2018.  Mixed and mastered by Dave Zuchowski at One Room Studio.

ROADWORK Atlanta (for James Brown, Marion Brown, and Mary Lou Williams)

Recorded by Andrew Wiggins at The Earl, Atlanta on January 31, 2018.  Mastered by Dave Zuchowski at One Room Studio.

HOMEWORK Chicago (for Muhal Richard Abrams, Curtis Mayfield, and Dinah Washington)

Recorded by Dave Zuchowski at The Hungry Brain, Chicago on February 18, 2018.  Mixed and mastered by Dave Zuchowski at One Room Studio.

Design by Federico Peñalva.

Cover photographs by Ken Vandermark

Band photograph by Julia Dratel.