Roadwork 1: New Orleans (For Ed Blackwell, Irma Thomas & Allen Toussaint)


1. Accordéon - 15:47
2. French Dress - 20:50

Music performed and improvised by- 

Andrew Clinkman: guitar (left) 
Steve Marquette: guitar (right) 
Macie Stewart: keyboard and violin 
Phil Sudderberg: drums 
Ken Vandermark: reeds 

As part of the special edition Marker live box set "Roadwork 1 / Roadwork 2 / Homework 1", we are happy to release Systems vs. Artifacts digital album of Roadwork 1.

Recorded by Danny Kadar and Joe Stolarick at The Mint during The Instigation Festival, New Orleans on January 25, 2018. Mixed and mastered by Dave Zuchowski at One Room Studio. 

Design by Fede Peñalva 

Photograph by Ken Vandermark 

Thanks to the musicians; Steve Marquette, Marie Casimir, Danny Kadar, and Joe Stolarick (The Instigation Festival and The Mint; to Fede Peñalva, Brock Stuessi, Joel Villafañe, and Steve Marquette for their assistance at Audiographic Records; and to the listeners.