Made to Break

"The quartet sounds energetic, buzzing with adrenaline and excitement…playing expansive and powerful interpretations of old compositions in entirely different combinations than those explored before."
-Eyal Hareuveni, The Free Jazz Collective

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    1. Before And After (for Lee Miller) - 35:10
  • 2.Off-Picture No. 119: live (for Joshua Oppenheimer) - 11:58
  • 3. For And Against (for Carl Andre) - 20:37
  • 4. That Life (for Kurt Schwitters) - 30:05

Compositions written by Ken Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music / ASCAP- Cien Fuegos)

Tim Daisy: Drums

Christof Kurzmann: Laptop/ppooll

Jasper Stadhouders: Electric bass

Ken Vandermark: Reeds

Recorded by Michael Radanovics and Gerhard Eugen Wald of the Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) at a concert held at the Martinschlössl in Vienna, Austria on November 13, 2014.

Mixed and mastered by Christoph Amann at Amann Studios in Vienna.

Design by Federico Peñalva.

Photograph by Ken Vandermark.

Thanks to the musicians, Konstantin Drobil and Thomas Gebhart of Trost, Christoph Amann, Sergio Merino and Arco y Flecha for their assistance with the 2014 European tour, to "Jazz Heinz" Henning for presenting the band in Vienna, to Federico Peñalva and Steve Marquette for their assistance at Audiographic Records, and to the listeners.